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Christmas with the King Family 50th Anniversary Broadcast As    part    of    its    third    annual    “Most    Wonderful Month   of   the   Year”   celebration,   getTV   will   air the   50th   Anniversary   broadcast   of   the   classic 1967   TV    special    Christmas    with    The    King Family.”         The    musical    special,    featuring    39 members   of   the   King   Family,   will   air   exclusively on   getTV   on   Wednesday,   November   29,   2017 at 10PM ET/ 9 C.
Jeff   Meier,   senior   VP   of   programming   and   general   manager   of   getTV   said,   “The King   Family   holds   a   special   place   in   the   television   memories   of   baby   boomers, especially   when   it   comes   to   holidays,   so   it’s   seems   entirely   fitting   that   getTV should   celebrate   the   50th   anniversary   of   one   of   their   most   popular   specials, ‘Christmas   with   the   King   Family,’   by   including   it   as   part   of   our   third   annual   “Most Wonderful Month of the Year” programming.” To   view   a   complete   schedule   featuring   all   of   getTV’s   “Most   Wonderful   Month   of the   Year”   special   programming,   including   additional   airings   of   “Christmas   with   the King Family,” please visit getTV
THE KING FAMILY 10 Facts About America’s “First Family Of Song”
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